Fourth Quarter 2017

The past year has been one of the strongest in the eight year bull market run which began in March, 2009. During 2017, the S&P 500 delivered a 20% return (in U.S. dollar terms), far outperforming the Canadian market, which […]

Third Quarter 2017

The North American economies have experienced a steady recovery and expansion since the “great recession” of 2008-2009. In recent years, most major economies have joined in, providing a current landscape of synchronous global economic growth, a phenomenon not seen in […]

Second Quarter 2017

This most recent quarter has seen the continuation of synchronous global economic growth. This expansion is supported by increasing evidence that previously struggling emerging economies, such as Brazil and Russia are now back on track. India, under new leadership attempting […]

First Quarter 2017

Financial markets around the world are currently being pulled in opposing directions. The rise of political nationalism in the developed world continues to weigh in on global equity and fixed income markets. While markets may have digested Brexit and the […]

Fourth Quarter 2016

The rise of populism, culminating in the surprise win of Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump last November 8th, has already made a significant impact on both the fixed income and equity markets around the world. We suspect this is […]

Third Quarter 2016

During the recent summer months, equity markets made steady progress in a relatively serene trading environment. This reflected a stable outlook featuring slow but steady economic growth ahead for the developed economies. This benign macro-environment has changed of late, resulting […]

Second Quarter 2016

In late June, voters in the United Kingdom (UK) voted 52% in favour of leaving the European Union. This result defied the polls and surprised investors. Global equity markets evoked an immediate negative response, driving two downward days of trading. […]

First Quarter 2016

The most recent quarter yielded more volatility in both North American and global equity markets. Despite steady growth in the United States, Western Europe and China, equity markets remain under the influence of short-term traders, who react to daily news […]

Fourth Quarter 2015

Over the past year, the financial markets bore witness to the unwinding of the decade long commodity super-cycle. As a result, energy and base metal prices were hit hard, with a resultant decline in the value of resource producing companies. […]

Third Quarter 2015

For investors, the summer months have been plagued with increased volatility in global equity markets caused by macro environmental factors. The abating Greek fiscal crisis was followed by concerns over slowing growth in China, and deteriorating commodity prices for exporting […]


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