At Rempart, we invest in companies, not markets. To this end, equity investment follows stringent criteria, with research conducted in-house by our senior investment professionals.
The primary focus of our research is the generation and application of free cash flow. This process, which we term “Tracking the Cash”, concentrates on companies that generate significant amounts of free cash flow. These tend to be businesses that are non-cyclical in nature, are market leaders, generate consistent and stable corporate growth, have strong balance sheets and solid management with proven records.

“Tracking the Cash” goes beyond cash flow generation. The manner in which a company applies its cash to the benefit all stakeholders, namely its employees, customers and shareholders, is of critical importance. To this end, we focus on companies that use their free cash flow intelligently, by investing in fixed capital additions, strengthening their financial position by buying back shares or increasing dividends. Experienced management, balance sheet strength and proper allocation of cash flow are crucial to investing for growth and managing risk.

Our investment approach is backed by rigorous fundamental analysis by our investment team. Our senior investment professionals are trained financial analysts and meet with over 100 companies annually, 25 to 30 of which are deemed suitable for client’s portfolios.

In-depth knowledge of individual companies and diversification across industry groups allows us to structure clients’ portfolios for consistent returns without significant volatility. Combining growth and capital preservation is the underlying goal of Rempart’s equity investments.

When searching for the companies with the greatest growth potential, an important component of our analysis is the early identification of macro-trends. These trends influence the performance of the various equity sectors and are driven by a combination of many factors, including geo-political, economic, and emerging industrial developments.

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