As with our investment approach, client service is tailored to the individual – timely and accurate reporting, efficient handling of administrative matters and, most importantly, access to Rempart’s senior investment professionals – the decision makers in client portfolios.

Close personal relationships between client and our senior portfolio managers ensure better customization of the investment process, both for the development of the Investment Policy Statement and for security selection.

We like to meet with our clients on a regular basis to ensure that their objectives are being met.

Every client’s portfolio is managed by two of Rempart’s portfolio managers in order to ensure both a high quality of service and thorough familiarity with each and every client and their individual requirements.

Our client’s financial information is held in the strictest possible confidence.

We report quarterly, providing comprehensive portfolio valuations that list all securities and their respective book and market values. Our reporting is flexible, allowing us to customize our client’s portfolio to their needs. Portfolios can be consolidated to provide clients with an overall view of their financial position.

Reporting of individual accounts can be provided, as these portfolios may have differing investment objectives (such as educational trust funds) that require separate evaluation.